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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the NeironVPS affiliate program, and if you would take a few minutes to look at the information provided below, you will see a quick overview of the benefits that participating in our affiliate program can provide you.


NeironVPS has a competitive fee structure that allows for commissions to be paid on recurring revenue, and not just a single one-off payout!
None of our affiliates have to provide support for the referrals, as NeironVPS supports all of our end users directly.
None of our affiliates are at risk of losing out due to credit card charge backs, and/or a loss of a payment processing account.
Our affiliates are not subject to payment processing fees, which typically saves 2 to 5%


All of our virtual private servers provide a 15% commission for the life of the account, and for all referrals.


In order to participate in the NeironVPS affiliate program we need to layout some simple terms that must be agreed upon first:

An account has to reach a minimum of $10 before pay out.
Since this industry has such a high rate of fraud, the commission payments are delayed for 60 days.
NeironVPS retains the right to make any changes to the rates or terms for any new referrals at any point in time.

In order to show you how much money you can make through active referrals to NeironVPS, we have provided a brief outline.

10 VPS @ $9 each - $13.5/month!
100 VPS @ $9 each - $135/month!
1000 VPS @ $9 each - $1350/month!

The top referring affiliates for NeironVPS all have more than 100 active VPS referrals, and these are all due to simply placing a banner or a text link on their website. Due to the inexpensive nature of our VPS services, our conversion rate is quite high, so why don't you take the time today and sign up so you can start sending referrals and making money yourself but promoting our inexpensive and quality services.

If you'd like to join the NeironVPS affiliate program, you need to first register, or log in the client area, and then browse to the affiliate section which you will find over on the menu bar on the right hand side of the site.