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Acceptable Usage Policy

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Please Read As It Is Important: we are in the habit of updating this document often, so we request that you try to make a habit of coming back to this page from time to time so that you can review the materials and stay on top of what is acceptable, and what is not acceptable in regards to the use of any of the NeironVPS Internet services. If it any time you need to report any activities that are found to be in violation of this policy, we politely request that you send an e-mail to Click Here

For ease of navigation through this document, we have provided you with a brief outline of the different sections contained in this document:

General Information
Electronic Mail
Web Sites
Network Management
Network Performance
Illegal Activity
Privacy Statement

Introduction: Upon opening an account with NeironVPS, you're provided with access to a couple of different communities. The first one is a community which is formed by our network and all of our customers, and the second community is one that is massive in scale, and is made up of each and every network across the globe all connected together formulating what is known as the Internet. When an individual or company gains membership into either of these communities, they automatically are given a number of different rights and privileges, but those rights and privileges also come with a set of duties and responsibilities that need to be adhered to. In order to provide our customers with the knowledge they need to understand these specific duties and responsibilities, NeironVPS has established an Acceptable Usage Policy. The purpose of this document is to provide our users with a general understanding of the Acceptable Usage Policy as set forth by NeironVPS. Please read the following elements, as they are meant to guide users through the establishment and enforcement of our usage policies:

* Ensure that all of our customers are provided with service that is reliable.
* Ensure that our network remains secure and private, while striving to maintain the security and privacy of other networks.
* Remain in full compliance with all existing laws
* Maintain the reputation we have built as being a responsible provider of web-based services
* Encourage all individuals who are using the Internet to use it responsibly, and work to discourage activities that take away from the usability and overall value of services provided by the Internet.
* Continually work at preserving the value of resources provided by the Internet as a method for freely sharing and exchanging information as well as for that of free expression.
* Always work at maintaining and preserving the security and privacy of each and every individual user of the Internet.

It is the intent and purpose of NeironVPS to provide every one of its customers with all of the services and features that can be experienced on the Internet. Regardless of the fact that NeironVPS continues to be completely committed to all the principles regarding free speech, there are activities that can cause harm to the resources of the Internet in general and NeironVPS, and because of that, cannot be permitted just because somebody is terming it as free speech. It's a reality that there are only so many resources that are available by NeironVPS, as well as the Internet, and when any single person abuses the use of these resources, the whole community is negatively impacted because of it. It is not our policy to routinely monitor user activity on any of our VPS machines, except when it comes to the amount of server resources that any single account is using and for billing purposes. With that being said however, if any abusive use of our resources is brought to our attention, we will not hesitate to respond appropriately since we are always putting forth an effort to be a responsible part of the Internet community and to promote good citizenship. If we come across an NeironVPS account that is found to be in violation of any of our acceptable use policies, we reserve the right, and will not hesitate to use that right to terminate the service of the account holder without providing any notice, and you also agree that you will indemnify NeironVPS, as well as any of its affiliates of any liability which might result from potential claims that might be brought or threatened against you by any third parties due to content that your website contains, or for your violation of our acceptable usage policy rules. It's important to note that NeironVPS never goes out of its way to shut accounts down without advising our customers against continuing the behavior, but whenever we see a flagrant violations of our acceptable use policy, we will not hesitate to immediately terminate a user's use of our service. In the event that we fail to enforce any of our policies, regardless of the reason, this does not take away any of the rights for action to be taken from NeironVPS.com.

General Information: at no time are any of the customers of NeironVPS permitted to transmit on or through the services provided by NeironVPS any type of material which NeironVPS in its sole discretion has deemed to be threatening, obscene, abusive, against the law, libelous, defamatory, found to contain material which encourages individuals commit crimes, would be cause for a civil liability case, or that violates any laws of the nation, be it at the international, state, federal, or local level.

Generally speaking, users are NOT permitted to make use of their NeironVPS account in a way that:

• would violate any law of the land, any regulation, any treaty, or attempt to bypass tariffs
• would violate any regulations, rules, or policies of any other network, service provider, database, website, or server that could be accessed through the use of NeironVPS services
• would in anyway be deemed as deceptive, fraudulent, indecent, offensive, or defamatory
• could be construed as harassment, abusive, or in any way intimidates other individuals or groups of people
• would effectively damage the good name or the reputation of NeironVPS, any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, or its parent
• would be construed as a hacking attempt, or any attempts to break through the security of any other computer network or to try and gain access to an account that is not personally owned by you
• which takes away from or interferes with the enjoyable user experience that any of NeironVPS's other customers experience

The services of NeironVPS may only be used for purposes that are lawful in nature. Members of NeironVPS are not allowed to transmit, distribute, or store any form of electronic information that would violate any laws of the United States, any regulatory laws, or any state, local, or common laws. This type of material would consist of, but not solely, anything that has the protection of copyright, could be construed as a trade secret, is a trademark, or any other form of statute. If an account is found to be in violation of any of these policies, NeironVPS reserves the full right to either terminate the account holders use of the service, or to remove any of the material that is found to be in violation from its servers. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to keep all of their billing data for NeironVPS accurate and up-to-date. If any customers is found to have furnished any false data on the application for service, on any contract dealing with NeironVPS, including making use of credit card numbers that are fraudulent, the account will be immediately terminated, and the offender will be held liable either civilly, criminally, or both. It needs to be noted that NeironVPS retains the sole right to make a determination on whether or not any use of its services may constitute a violation of any part of this policy.

The following are some guidelines for making use of your account, and please remember that this information is just a guideline, and is in no way all-inclusive document.

Electronic Mail: many of the accounts provided by NeironVPS provide the user with the ability to both send and receive e-mail communications. If any user is found to be misusing the e-mail services provided by NeironVPS, it may lead to a termination of the user's account. Listed below are several examples of what you're not allowed to do, but this is by no means all-inclusive, and they are just here to give you some guidance.

• The services of NeironVPS may not be used for such things as sending out unsolicited bulk commercial e-mail which constitutes ("spam"). Material that would be construed as spam includes, but is not in any way limited to, the sending of bulk e-mails filled with advertising for commercial products, charity requests, informational announcements, tracks that are religious or political in nature, or for the solicitation of signatures for petitions. The only time that these messages are allowed to be sent are to those individuals who have opted in and have requested the information.
• Your e-mail account may not be used for the purpose of collecting any of the responses that result from unsolicited bulk commercial e-mails that are sent from any other service provider.
• You are not in anyway permitted to alter, forge, or remove any of the electronic mail headers that are automatically installed in e-mail correspondence.
• Users are prohibited from sending repeat e-mails, or e-mails that are substantially large to another address with the intent of disrupting that other server, or the other user's account. This is considered to be ("mail bombing").
• Users of our systems are not allowed to use electronic mail in a way that intimidates or harasses other individuals. It doesn't matter whether this harassment comes through the use of language, through a large number of repeated messages, or through the use of extremely large messages, all of this activity is prohibited. Simply sending a message that is not wanted by another user can be construed as harassment, and therefore is prohibited. If an individual who receives one of these e-mails request that you stop sending any further messages, the messages must stop.
• Our e-mail systems may not be used for such things as propagating chain letters, regardless of the purpose of a chain letter, or whether or not other users have agreed to receive these types of mailings.
• E-mail systems of NeironVPS are not allowed to collect any of reply messages which are sent from any other provider of e-mail services if those e-mails are found to be in violation of this acceptable usage policy, or the acceptable usage policy of the other e-mail provider.
• If it is your intention to make use of any other service provider to promote a website that you have hosted on the services of NeironVPS, then all of those promotional methods must remain in compliance with the acceptable usage policies for our servers.

Web Sites: NeironVPS is a provider of storage space that allows individuals to store their content in a way that allows other users of the Internet to view it. Additionally, any of our dedicated services may allow for the provision of an individual to post websites on our servers. It is not the responsibility, nor is it the policy of NeironVPS to monitor any of the content on the websites hosted on our servers. This makes you the user completely responsible for all of the information that you place on your website. If however, there any sorts of complaints received that have to do with the content, language, or any graphics that are on your website, at its sole discretion, NeironVPS may either remove the website which is hosted on our servers, and/or terminate the account holder services who is found to be in violation. In order to make use of the NeironVPS web hosting services, you must agree to reimburse any expenses that may be incurred by NeironVPS, including any potential attorneys fees, due to its need to defend itself from any claims from third parties that is related to content which is found to be on your website, whether or not you personally created it, or your customers did. No user of the NeironVPS of hosting services is allowed to make use of their website in order to publish any material that upon NeironVPS's discretion is determined to be indecent, objectionable, or unlawful. In regards to this policy, the term ("material") is going to be use as a reference for any form of communication which could include narrative descriptions, graphics (including any illustrations, photographs, images, logos, drawings), video recordings, audio recordings, or programs that are executable in nature. Material that is deemed to be unlawful would consist of anything that would violate any law, treaty, regulation, statute, or lawful order. This type of material would include, but would by no means be limited to: any type of material that is obscene, defamatory in nature, is made up of statements that are fraudulent or deceptive, is threatening in any way, consists of statements that are designed to be intimidating or harassing in nature, or any sort of material that comes in a violation of an individual's rights for privacy, or property, i.e. such things as trademarks or copyrights. Material that NeironVPS would consider as objectionable would consist of such things, in the sole discretion, that might possibly damage the reputation of the brand image of a NeironVPS, or that of any of its shareholders, affiliates, or employees.

Listed below are some examples of what NeironVPS would consider it be prohibited content on an individuals website:

• any type of material or content that would subject NeironVPS, any of its affiliates, employees, or shareholders to any sort of public ridicule or scorn
• any sort of material that would encourage an individual or group of people to commit a crime, or would incite individuals to commit acts of violence, or that would in any way be deemed as degrading in nature to any individual or group of people based on sex, nationality, color, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, age, political affiliation, or disability.

Security: the holder of the account is completely responsible for any misuse that may occur with the account, regardless of whether that inappropriate activity was committed by somebody other than them personally. This could be an employee, a friend, family member, or a guest. Because of this, it's important that you take all the steps that are necessary in order to make sure that no other individual is able to gain access to your account. Additionally, it is prohibited to try to use your account to hack into another account, or make an attempt to breach the security of any other account, or gain unauthorized access to another server on any other network.

• It is the user's responsibility to adopt and install any type of security measures that will effectively minimize or prevent anybody from gaining unauthorized access to their account.
• Users may not use the services of NeironVPS in order to bypass or circumvent any security measures that are in place on any other host or network. This is what is known as ("cracking"), and is absolutely forbidden on our servers. This type of behavior includes, but is not in any way limited to gaining access to data that is not specifically intended to for you, gaining unauthorized access to a server or someone else's account, or attempting to probe the security measures of any other network on the Internet. Users are expressly forbidden from making use of, or distributing any tools that are designed specifically for compromising the security of another server or network. Some of these tools would include, but are not be limited to, programs that are able to guess passwords, or any other tool that are used to crack or probe networks.
• It is against the acceptable usage policy for any user to try and interfere with the services of any user, host, or any other network. These are what is known as ("denial of service attacks"), and are strictly forbidden. Such things would include, but would not be limited to "flooding" of any other user network, overloading any specific service deliberately, or attempting to, or making use of methods that will effectively cause a host to "crash" deliberately.
• Any user who is found to be in violation for a type of criminal behavior where they are violating systems or trying to bypass network security can be prosecuted both criminally and/or civilly. In the event that an investigation occurs due to one of our users trying to violate a system or network security on other servers, or on our own, it will be fully cooperated with, including full cooperation with any and all law enforcement agencies that are conducting the investigation for the alleged criminal conduct.

Network Management: it is the full responsibility of the user to make sure that any of the services that they purchase from NeironVPS are made use of in ways that are appropriate by both yourself, your users, and your customers. Because of that, it is important that an individual take steps to manage their services in a way that will minimize any type of network abuse. It is also a requirement that all of our users provide up-to-date contact information listed publicly. In addition, all of our users must provide a timely response to any complaint that is received due to the misuse of any of the services purchased through NeironVPS. If any user fails to comply, or fails to responsibly manage their purchased services from NeironVPS, the said users services may be terminated.

• It is the responsibility of the user to designate specific individuals, whether it be a single, or more than one individual, to be ("contacts"). These contacts will be given responsibility for each and every IP network, host, or subnet which is connected to the Internet via the services of NeironVPS. The type of contact information which must be provided to any and all domain name registrars has to include names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and postal addresses. This information has to be provided before any network connections are established through any of our services. Any and all of these contact details must be continuously updated and must always remain accurate. Anytime a change occurs to the contact information, these changes must be sent to the correct domain name registrars in a manner that is timely.
• Any of the contacts that are provided by you must have not only the authority, but also access to any of the tools that are necessary for them to configure, operate, or control any access to your server systems. In regards to important timesharing hosts, mail relays, primary domain name servers, or gateways, these Contacts need to be able to be contacted by NeironVPS by telephone 24/7.
• If any one of our customers provides access to a third-party to make use of any of the services which are provided by NeironVPS, whether these third parties are customers, users, or employees, a valid postmaster address must be maintained in order to receive any complaints via e-mail. Any and all messages delivered to this postmaster address must be reviewed and answered in a timely manner.

Network Performance: all users need to realize that all NeironVPS accounts operate on resources that are shared with other users. Any time a user makes use of excessive resources, or abuses these resources, it typically has a negative impact on all of the other NeironVPS customers. This kind of misuse of resources is prohibited, and if an individual is found misusing the network resources in a way that significantly impairs the performance of our network, it could result in their account being terminated.

• All users are prohibited from making use of an excessive amount of server resources. These resources include such things as disk space, CPU time, memory, and session time. It is against the acceptable usage policy for any individual to make use of any program that is so resource intensive that it negatively impacts any other customer on the NeironVPS network, or system of networks. Upon discovery of such resource abuses, NeironVPS reserves the right to limit, or terminate the account of these users.

Illegal Activity: Users are not allowed to participate in any activity on a network that violates any federal, state, or local laws, and if any of our users are found to be in violation of these laws, it will result in their service be immediately terminated. Some of the activities that would be included in this are, but will not be limited to:

• Transmission of any materials that would be deemed obscene, or child pornography
• developing an intentionally spreading any sort of computer virus, or threatening to participate in such activities
• attempting to hack, or gain unauthorized access into any network, including the private network infrastructure provided by NeironVPS.
• Making an attempt to access, or gaining access to information that is not meant specifically for you
• transmitting or distributing any type of software that has been pirated
• carrying out or participating in any type of illegal gambling activities
• sending out solicitations to individuals to participate in any type of pyramid, or other type of illegal scheme

NeironVPS specifically prohibits anyone building a site which contains:(i) any sort of image, or banner ad, of a nude model who appears to be below the age of 18 years of age. This determination is made by NeironVPS solely, (ii) any images that are sexually implicit in nature, including any banner ads, of any model that has the appearance of being under 18 years of age. This determination is made by NeironVPS solely; or (iii) any site that contains any sort of language which promotes child pornography in any way means or measure, combined with images that are either sexually explicit in nature, or nude. According to the laws of the United States of America, any offenders of this policy will be forwarded to the appropriate federal agency.

Privacy Statement: it is the policy of NeironVPS to both respect and protect the privacy of all of its customers, as well as their information which is stored on any of the NeironVPS servers. The only time that NeironVPS will attempt to access or disclose any information is when it is necessary to come into compliance with any applicable laws or requests by the government, to make the NeironVPS services available, or to operate, maintain, and protect the systems of NeironVPS for itself and its customers.

It must be noted that NeironVPS reserves the sole right to modify, add to, or delete any of the provisions within its terms and conditions at any time, or within the acceptable usage policy without notice to any of its users.