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Managed Services

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Managed Services

Each and every one of the packages that NeironVPS NeironVPS provides are Managed VPS with cPanel (WHM). This simply means that whatever applications/modules that you require to be installed, we will install them, but we are not going to be responsible for their configurations. It also needs to be noted that we will NOT proactively monitor your services or your ports unless you place a request for said service. Each and every one of our VPS packages have the backing of a 24/7 support team, and if you put in the request, we will monitor HTTP ports, POP3, IMAP, and more

If it is your desire to have Cpanel installed on your server, and you decide to purchase it, NeironVPS offers a free lock down service which includes the following features:

CSF and BFD Installation
Securing of all drives and linux partitions
Zend | Ioncube | eAccelerator Installation
Bandwidth Monitoring and Logistics
MySQL and PHP Optimization
Sysctl.conf Hardening
Mod_evasive and mod_security
ICMP Flow Regulation
RNDC Configuration
Force SSH Protocol 2
Secure named.conf
24/7 HTTP, IMAP, POP3 Monitoring