About Us

NeironVPS is not a newcomer to the web hosting industry by any stretch of the imagination, and has been in business since 1999 starting out with their own infrastructures, networks, and in-house staff. If you are looking for a web hosting solution that can provide TRUE 24/7 semi-managed support, NeironVPS will be able to more than meet your needs. Due to the fact that we have real people taking care of all of our tickets, we can guarantee that 99% of the tickets that are put into our system will have a personal reply to them within 30 min. NeironVPS is backed by many years of experience, and due to that experience we have implemented a significant amount of disaster planning in order to preserve any enterprise-level data, and the services surrounding that data.

When NeironVPS was first set up, we based the business on the idea that we would be able to provide virtualization at a price that was affordable without having to sacrifice on quality. Every one of our machines has a limit of 15 VPS boxes per node on full RAID technology, and we also provide all of our VPS servers with a weekly backup. Doing this allows our systems to eliminate any sort of issues that have to do with I/O limitations, CPU, and memory that seems to always diminish the quality of the server experience as more VPS boxes are added.

You can take confidence from the fact that NeironVPS has sufficient financial backing to keep all of our infrastructure updated and operating due to the fact that we are merely a subsidiary of a larger IT group. This partnership allows us to provide a service that is above and beyond the competition, and prices that are as good or better than the majority of VPS providers out there. All of the clients that host with NeironVPS experience of true peace of mind.

It is our hope that you would give NeironVPS the chance to provide you with a hosting experience that is unlike any other, and that you would allow us to take you to the NeironVPS level.